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Welcome to Capone's Jewelry.

We specialize in custom jewelry design and repair.  The majority of our merchandise is made exclusively in our Blacksburg studio.

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Virginia Gemstones

C. Capone


It might be a little known fact that some gemstones are mined right here in Virginia. We recently purchased some new stones that hail from our beautiful home state, and below is some information about the ones that are pictured above (order is from left to right):
Amazonite - This beautiful blue-green square(ish) stone is mined in Amelia County. In addition to being pleasing to the eye, it is said to enhance intuition, psychic powers, creativity, intellect, and psychic ability. 
Unakite - This mottled pink and green oval stone came from right up the road in Lexington, Rockbridge County. It is typically found in the valleys of rivers after having been washed down from the Blue Ridge mountains. Unakite helps balance emotions and relieve stress.
Rhodonite - The middle stone that comes to a point at the top is a type of rhodonite that originated from Fluvanna County. The stone next to it is a Pink Rhodonite, which comes from the same location. They come in pink and red colors and often contain black manganese oxide veins running through them. Rhodonite is believed to relieve anxiety and is also a symbol of grace and elegance.
Limonite after Pyrite - This distinct gemstone gets its name from its "birth" process and comes from Schuyler, Nelson County. First, the pyrite starts to decompose due to chemical weathering, and the iron in the rock starts to rust. Once the rust has begun, limonite starts to pseudomorph into, i.e. take the shape of, the pyrite. This square stone has a brownish red color with tiny holes, which gives it a distinctively dramatic look. Pyrite is typically used as a shield to defend against negative energy while limonite helps to support physical strength and virility.