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Welcome to Capone's Jewelry.

We specialize in custom jewelry design and repair.  The majority of our merchandise is made exclusively in our Blacksburg studio.

Do Your Prongs Need Retipping?

Capone's Jewelry Blog

Do Your Prongs Need Retipping?

C. Capone

When was the last time you had your rings checked? We recommend bringing your rings in twice a year to ensure that the prongs are not worn down and are efficiently holding your stones in place.

What is a prong?

A prong is a metal tine or projection that holds a gemstone in place. A ring can have anywhere from four to hundreds of prongs.

How does it get worn down?

Prongs become worn from everyday normal use! However, erosion can occur faster due to several situations. For example, if a ring is too large and is constantly being readjusted by your finger (in which case it would also be a good idea to have it sized), or if a stone has been loose for a period of time. Also, wearing your rings while doing manual labor can also cause them to wear more quickly. Do you wear your rings to bed? If so, sheets can actually be abrasive on metal prongs - believe it or not!

How do we fix it?

If we check your rings and find that a prong (or prongs) are worn down, then we will recommend retipping. This process involves soldering a metal bead or wire to the prong with the stone still in place and shaping it so that it functions as a new prong. In some cases, a prong needs to be replaced. If that were the case, then we would saw off the old prong, solder a metal wire and shape it into the new prong - also with the stone still in place. In rare cases, the entire prong setting needs to be replaced where we would remove the stone, assemble a new setting, and then reset the stone.

Why Fix Prongs?

If you do not fix a prong, then you risk your stone coming loose and potentially losing it. It's certainly more economical than replacing a stone!

If it's been more than 6 months since you've had your rings checked, bring them in, and we will check them for you free of charge.

                                        Kirk retipping a prong

                                        Kirk retipping a prong